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The work was never more important. The challenges couldn't be greater.

As our world evolves, the efforts of nonprofit and philanthropic organizations have become ever more important. Addressing global and local concerns, their work remains key to real social progress and transformation as they create opportunities, empower individuals and communities, and influence quality of life issues. Yet like every other organization, today’s nonprofit and philanthropic entities have been dramatically altered by changes in cultural values, information technologies, resource availability, and events in the world around us. Among the new challenges:

  • Community building, collaboration, and coalition building have become top priorities to preserve the long-term viability of the sector

  • Temporary, strategic, and virtual alliances now compete with long-term relationships

  • Government entities and private donors have stepped up their scrutiny in the wake of financial mismanagement, ethical violations, and public scandals

  • Lines of accountability and responsibility among leaders, staff, and volunteers have blurred

  • Team decision-making is supplanting traditional, hierarchical models

  • Board members are concerned about issues of responsibility and liability

  • Individuals are demanding a healthier balance between organizational expectations and personal priorities

  • Donors have become increasingly involved in the projects they fund — and more
    invested in the outcomes

Indeed, in this more fragile, post-9/11 world, many organizations face even greater dilemmas: continuing relevance, crisis prevention, and survival.

Challenges like these have left many nonprofit and philanthropic organizations uncertain of their next step. For many, continued success depends upon new thinking and new approaches — the kind you’ll find with Ellen Mazer Consulting.

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